Deep sea fishing and the fishing industry at the Historisches Museum Bremerhaven

The permanent exhibition at the Historisches Museum Bremerhaven includes a vivid presentation of the history and development of Bremerhaven and its surroundings. The largest department in the permanent exhibition is devoted to the theme of deep sea fishing and the fishing industry.


The tour begins with an overview of the history of deep sea fishing vessels. Twenty models document the development from the first side trawler, continuing with stern trawlers through to the modern factory ships. A very accurate 30 square metre scaled model shows the vast extent of the local fishing port before the Second World War.

In the centre of the department there is a machine hall with a fully functioning refrigerating machine from the 1920s that produced ice for the fishing industry in the fishing port. The flywheel of the five-metre tall machine was driven by a steam engine. An electric ice tipper for transporting ice dates from the same period.

Reconstructed workplaces in the fishing industry show very clearly just how hard the conditions in the fish processing industry were, especially for women. The exhibition also includes an original fishmonger’s shop from the 1930s and a small three-wheeled van used in the mobile fish trade. In the fully equipped cooper’s workshop herring barrels were once produced for the fishing industry.

A vast collection of historical photographs, documents, paintings and films illustrate the history of the most important centre of deep-sea fishing and the fishing industry on the European continent.